Track and Control Your Car Remotely

Track Control Car Remotely

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Track Control Car Remotely

Actually, many of us may suffer or afraid of being his car stolen. In this project, I will try to help you to protect your cars and even control them remotely by using my project Track Control Car Remotely.

Track Control Car Remotely.

Basically, you have to leave a mobile phone in your car and when the car starts to move it uses its sensors to detect that and will send to you a message on your mobile phone where ever you are. Then, you can send a message to stop the car immediately so the thief couldn’t turn it on again as well you can send another message to know its location using GPS to get it from there.

All of these can be implemented so easily and requires no experience in coding. All you need is Arduino, any Android smartphone and 1Sheeld that connects the mobile and Arduino via Bluetooth and make use of its mobile app, so no need for Android coding.


  1. Arduino Uno.
  2. 1Sheeld.
  3. Relay (12V- 40A) OR 4X Relays (10A).
  4. Car Fuse
  5. Android Mobile Phone.
  6. Wires and Solder.
  7. Battery

Concept of Operation

Actually, I got the idea when I saw this video. By removing the fuse in the car power section that connects between the car keys and the engine, you can turn off the engine. So, I decided to put a relay at this node to control whether I want to turn off the engine or not.

But, you can’t be too careful, since the max. current pass throw the fuse is a around 40 A. so it is too much high. You have to get the right relay.

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I couldn’t find a 40A relay at any near electronics store to me, so I decided to get a relay kit (4 relays) each one can carry 10 A and use them in parallel to divide the total current on them.

Hardware Implementation

Track Control Car Remotely

  1. I have bought a car fuse and disconnect it as shown in figure.
  2. Use these 2 terminals and connect them to the relay.
  3. Connect the relay board to the Arduino.
  4. Place 1Sheeld on top of Arduino

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